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12/09/2017 Who can tell? Jonah Chapter 3
1 John, Daniel, Exodus, John, Jonah, Numbers, Psalms – Jonah – Paul Mahler
An important thing to take notice of here is that you can change things by the actions that you take.  Jonah changed the circumstances of the merchant sailors by his actions, the King of Nineveh changed the circumstances of his city by the actions that he took and you can change your circumstances by the actions that you take as well.
12/02/2017 Jonah: Repentance of an entire city
Acts, Genesis, Jonah, Matthew – Jonah – Paul Mahler
The entire city of Nineveh repented after hearing a message from God. In contrast, the nation of Israel refused to repent when Stephen preached to them in Acts chapter 7. When confronted with your sin, the only proper response is repentance. Nineveh demonstrated that they believed God by proclaiming a fast.
11/23/2017 Jonah: One more time
1 Kings, Acts, John, Jonah, Romans – Jonah – Paul Mahler
Jonah messed around with sin, he wanted to test the sea of disobedience and rebellion for a while and had to suffer the consequences.  If you mess around with sin, it will leave you dirty, smelly and gross.  You can't mess around with sin and come out on the other side smelling like a rose.
11/15/2017 Some things about Hell: Jonah Chapter 2
Jonah, Luke, Matthew – Jonah – Paul Mahler
How to pray when you are in trouble with God: Remember the Lord (Jonah 2:4) Repent of your Sin (Jonah 2:7) Return to the Lord (Jonah 2:9)
11/07/2017 Jonah: The Great Fish Controversy
Jonah – Jonah – Paul Mahler
Countless hours have been wasted by people on both sides of this argument. Many will say that there is not enough oxygen for a man to live inside a Whale's belly, let alone for three days and nights. Others have spent burned their eyes out, pouring over documents to prove that they have and that they can. There are some recordings of people being found inside of a Whale's belly, both alive and dead. All of this is unnecessary though since Jonah was NOT alive in the Whale's belly, He was dead!
11/01/2017 Jonah: Man Overboard
Jonah, Mark, Matthew – Jonah – Paul Mahler
The Sailors did not want to throw Jonah overboard.  They did not want to be guilty of his death, so they tried to do everything that they could think of in an attempt to save themselves.  They had to come to the realization that they could not save themselves, they needed help that only God could provide.  That is what every person needs to realize.  We can not save ourselves, we can not do enough "good works" to earn a trip to heaven.  The only way to heaven is to follow God's plan, that is to accept the free gift of eternal life as it is offered by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
10/23/2017 Jonah Disobeys
Jonah – Jonah – Paul Mahler
Jonah's actually thought that he could better himself (rise) by doing his own thing, instead of obeying and doing what God had told him to do.  He did not just stay put, he did not just ignore God and act as if he didn't hear the command.  Jonah rose up to do something, it just wasn't the right something.  Jonah thought that he had a better plan than what God had.  Jonah may have thought, as long as he was doing something for the Lord, it was better than not doing anything, but he was wrong.
10/16/2017 Jonah Runs (Jonah 1:3)
Jonah – Jonah – Paul Mahler
Things will get worse and not better when you run from God.  When you don't go where he wants you to go, when you don't do what he wants you to do, when you don't say what he wants you to say, that is when the storms come
10/09/2017 Jonah 1:1-1:2 (Jonah Chapter 1 verses 1 - 2)
The book of Jonah is not an allegory.  It is not just a story that was created to teach us some moral lessons.  Can we learn moral lessons out of the book of Jonah?  Of course, we can, and we should, but that does not change the fact that this is a factual account of something that literally happened.
10/01/2017 Jonah Introduction (Verse by Verse study)
1 Corinthians, 1 Peter, Ephesians, Exodus, Jonah, Leviticus, Mark, Matthew, Romans – Jonah – Paul Mahler
Introduction to our verse by verse study of the book of Jonah. Jonah has 4 chapters, 48 verses, and 1321 words. The book of Jonah is often attacked and/or ignored due to its connection with the resurrection of Jesus (Matthew 12:40).