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How to get the dirt out of your life (Lesson 5)

Read Judges 3:12-30.

Do right when all alone:

If you really want to get the dirt out of your life you have to be consistent. Notice that Ehud didn’t just do right when everyone else was around him. It’s easy to do right when you are with a crowd of people that agree with you. The real test is what will you do when you are alone, or with others that don’t necessarily agree with your position or personal convictions.

Ehud actually waited until he was all alone with Eglon before he acted on the “dirt”. The hardest times are those when we are all alone. That is when Satan really goes to work on us. If we are not careful we can rationalize just about anything that we set our mind to. The mind is a very dangerous thing. This is where most of our battles are fought. According to the Apostle Paul our minds are a battlefield: Continue reading How to get the dirt out of your life (Lesson 5)