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How to get the dirt out of your life (Lesson 6)

Read Judges 3:12-30.

Use your weapon:

The sword was Ehud’s message. Your weapon won’t do you any good if you don’t use it. In lesson 4 we talked about the fact that in order to get the dirt out of our lives the LORD has given us a weapon; a concealed weapon to use, and that weapon is the Word of God. But if we don’t use our weapon than it won’t do you any good to have it. You can have the best weaponry ever invented but if it just sits there, and collects dust than you might as well not even have it in the first place.

Our weapon is the same way. God did not give us his word in our own language, and preserve it for us; just so that it can sit on the coffee table, or the bookshelf, and look good. Some will even carry it around, but if they don’t ever crack it open then it is not doing them any good. Continue reading How to get the dirt out of your life (Lesson 6)