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Required Characteristics of the Local Church

In the Apostle Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesians, he gives us a template for what the required characteristics are for the New Testament Local Church:A template for the Local Church, a baptist sermon from Irvington Bible Baptist Church.

  • A Teaching Church
  • A Testifying Church
  • A Preaching Church
  • A Feeding Church
  • A Building Church

These are the things that Paul emphasised during his ministry at the church of Ephesus for the three years that he was present with them.  Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles, and we are to follow his example. Continue reading Required Characteristics of the Local Church

Breaking Free

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas find themselves in the prison of pain and suffering.  In that prison,Breaking Free: A Baptist sermon from Irvington Bible Baptist Church about breaking out of your prison of pain and suffering. they experienced the grace of God.  This article will point out, by examing this passage, that God can turn pain into praise.  In this podcast, we will discuss Three things to notice about this prison of pain that Paul and Silas experienced.

1.  A place of discomfort

This prison of pain and suffering is a place of discomfort.  Paul and Silas were in the will of God, doing what they were called to do, saying what they were called to say, but still found themselves in a place of discomfort that manifested itself in three different ways: Continue reading Breaking Free

Four Anchors of the Faith

An anchor is that which gives stability or security; that on which we place dependence for The Four Anchors of the Faith. A Baptist Sermon taught at Irvington Bible Baptist Churchsafety.  We have some anchors in the faith that help to keep us rooted and grounded and keep us from being tossed to and fro when the storms of life assail us.  We are going to look at the four anchors of the faith, that we have as demonstrated by the life of the Apostle Paul, that will keep us rooted and grounded as we journey through this life.

1)  The presence of God (Acts 27:23)

The first anchor that we will look at is the Anchor of the Presence of God in your life.  If you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, then the Bible teaches that you have the presence of God within you: Continue reading Four Anchors of the Faith

Three things that Saul did to publish the gospel

The unintended consequences caused by the persecution of the early church.  In life, we find that with whatever we are attempting to accomplish, often times we end up with some unintended consequences.  For instance:The unintended consequences caused by the persecution of the early Church.

In the 1950s, a malaria outbreak occurred among Borneo’s Dayak people. The World Health Organization (WHO) tried to alleviate the problem by spraying the Dayak people’s thatch-roofed huts with DDT. The DDT killed the malaria-bearing mosquitos but also killed the parasitic wasp that kept thatch-eating caterpillars under control. At nightfall, the buzz of the malarial, bloodsucking mosquitoes was stilled, but sharp cracks and then wild screaming followed as people’s roofs caved in.
But this was hardly the end of the problem. The geckos ate the toxic mosquitos. Normally these lizards can race over water for yards. They reeled like drunks on a DDT Saturday night. The neighborhood cats, after seeing all these drugged geckos couldn’t help but stuff themselves full of geckos.
Then the cats died.
Thus the rats rejoiced. With their primary predators gone, their population exploded. Rats were everywhere and they were all scurrying over and through the Dayak’s roofless hut. The rodents were a greater threat than the mere skin-crawling, toe-biting mosquitoes. The rats are known to carry diseases like bubonic plague – a condition that’s more serious than malaria. (hundreds of millions of people in Europe died because of this plague.)
So what was the World Health Organization to do? They were afraid of additional disasters that might occur if they poisoned the rats.
Someone finally had the bright idea that what was needed was to reintroduce the natural predators of the rats. They needed cats. New cats. A lot of new cats. But how could the WHO transport thousands of cats into a remote section of Borneo?
Introducing: Parachuting cats!

Continue reading Three things that Saul did to publish the gospel